How to Retain the Beauty of a Teak Shower Caddy?

Teak shower caddy look beautiful in a bathroom. They not only keep the space organized, but add a certain graceful element in the shower space. Teak speaks volumes with its color, strength and shine. When crafted in contemporary or traditional designs, it becomes like an ornament of the bathroom. The question is how to retain this jewel for longer time? Let us help you out with the answer!

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How to maintain wooden shower caddy?

To keep the caddies clean, it is important to decide where you place them in the shower area. Yes, the place matters a lot! If you are placing them anywhere around the water space, then you need to clean them on a frequent basis. The method of cleaning will also vary as per the place of hanging them.

When placed near the shower, it’s important to wipe them with a dry cloth, after completing your bath. Also, apply teak oil on a regular basis to keep water from seeping into the teakwood.

When hanged at a wall or behind the door, you can relax a bit as you need to wipe off the dust with a soft cloth. This will be enough until you find any grime or dirt particles settling on the surface.

When you have the best corner shower caddy, it’s important to clean it occasionally. Dusting regularly will be enough until you find any strong spots or dirt deposits on it. Use damp cloth to wipe spots.

What are the steps to clean teak shower caddy?

Caddies are exposed to water or humidity on an everyday basis. They should be cleaned and maintained to retain their appeal. Just like any other teak wood furniture, they should be washed quarterly or half yearly. It would also depend on the seasons as monsoon is a time of high humidity. Considering all these factors, you can take necessary steps for taking care of the caddy.

Simple steps are to apply a mild soap and water solution on the caddy, gently brush off any dirt deposition, rinse with clean water without using hose and let it sun dry.

What is the best time to wash wooden shower caddy?

Summer time is suitable as it helps big time to dry the caddy under the sun. Complete drying helps to prevent mold formation and warping over a period of time. So, if you have teak wooden furniture of any kind, then summers are the best months to clean it.

Where to buy the best teak shower caddy?

TeakCraftUS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of best teak products. We offer eco-friendly products made from recyclable teak plantations. Visit our warehouse for an in-person check or go through our website to buy teak wooden furniture online. Having said that, we also offer custom teak shower caddies. So, if you have any particular design idea in mind, then contact our customer care team. We will be happy to craft the best teak products for you!!