Steps to Preserve Best Teak Shower Bench for Outdoors

Best teak shower bench is the one that works well for indoors and outdoors. Teak is the most reliable wood for outdoor areas as it stays strong in all weather conditions. It resists chilly winters without getting warped. Rain cannot crack it due to the natural oils present in this tenacious wood. Therefore, teak is for all seasons! Let us check how to clean and maintain teakwood used for outdoor spaces.

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Tips to care for outdoor teak craft furniture:

Let us discuss how to clean a teak shower bench kept in outdoor areas. As teak is an all season wood, one should not worry about its lifespan. It will last decades and even centuries, if you maintain it well. However, it’s important to follow certain maintenance steps to keep your heavy duty teak shower bench in good condition.

How many times in a year should you clean teak craft furniture?

Experts suggest that best teak shower bench would need an elaborate cleaning routine, only twice a year. Do it in spring and autumn and that would do for the whole year. It involves scrubbing the teak shower stool with soap water, rinsing it with clean water and sun drying it. Make sure that you avoid pressure washing to keep the surface smooth and shiny. For the rest of the year, just wipe the shower benches or outdoor teak furniture with a soft cloth. That would be enough!

How to remove stains from teak shower benches?

Watermarks can be easily cleaned by applying either toothpaste or a mix of salt and white vinegar on the patch. Wipe off the residue from the bench when the stain is gone. Rinse with water and let it dry in the sun.

Stubborn stains like red wine, food residue marks and heavy spillages require rubbing with sandpaper. First try with baking soda and lemon juice. Rub a mix of both on the stain, allow it to get absorbed and then scrap off the powdery substance from the surface. Rinse with clean water and dry naturally. If this does not work, use fine grade sand paper to gently remove the stain from the surface.

You will need commercial teak cleaner to remove grease stains. Make sure that you buy a good quality cleaner. This is important to preserve the shine of the best teak shower bench.

Brid droppings should be cleared as soon as possible otherwise, the ammonia present in the feces will stain even the best teak craft furniture.

Occasionally, apply a thin layer of teak oil to prevent the shower benches from looking dull. Oiling is recommended only after cleaning and drying the benches.

How to maintain heavy duty teak shower bench?

The same steps would suffice for a heavy teak bench. As an additional step, you must check the screws and remove the rusted ones. Tighten the loose screws regularly. Periodically replace the brass screws with new ones. Do the same for any broken screws and that would keep the benches sturdy.

Is it okay to cover the teak shower benches?

Yes, but ensure that the cover is breathable. Otherwise, teak may get sweaty and develop mold. It may even show black spots due to mildew. Such gentle dew stains can be wiped off with a solution made of one-part bleach in ten parts of water. Again, rinse with clean water and let the benches dry naturally.

Where to buy the best teak shower bench?

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