How Teak Corner Shower Caddy Substitute for Showcases?

Teak corner shower caddy is one piece of furniture that doubles up as the living room open showcase and bathroom furniture. As it occupies the corner area, it saves space in the rest of the room. Be it bathroom or living area, these caddies are big space savers. They fit in smaller rooms as well as adorn big mansions. The color and texture of teakwood makes them very appealing and quite an envy for visitors. When adorned in bathroom, these caddies deliver an exotic look.

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Tips to use teak bathroom caddy for home décor:

Select as per the size of the bathroom!

You need to find a teak corner shower caddy that fits well in the bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom, choose a smaller caddy to arrange the shower essentials. You can place a nice wooden shower caddy hanging on the wall. This saves the floor space and yet help to keep the bathroom organized. Such caddies can also be used in the living room or around basin area of the kitchen.

Use them to hold décor items in the living room!

The idea of using showcases has worn down over the years. In many homes, teak bathroom caddy is used as a vintage furniture to hold artefacts. You can place it to cover the empty corners of the living room. Or, choose wooden shower caddy hanging for the wall. When vertically arranged, the caddies double up as plant vase holders as well. In short, these caddies are multipurpose and can be used to adorn any room of the house.

Teak bathroom caddy – best for the kid’s room!

Are you running out of ideas to decorate or arrange children’s room? The answer is right here; you can use teak corner shower caddy as a toy holder. Just place the small dolls and toys creatively on the caddy and it will be a cute décor area. Also, if you choose vintage caddies, they have rounded edges that saves the child from accidental damage through the edges. Arrange children’s books on the wooden shower caddy hanging on the wall. It will make a perfect mini library for the children. This way, they will be drawn to reading books.

Teakwood shower caddies suffice as outdoor furniture!

Whether you want wooden furniture for a pool party, an open kitchen or patio, teak caddies are of help. Place teak corner shower caddy in the patio and it will create an enchanting space by elegantly holding décor pieces. Hang them on the pillar of the open kitchen to store cooking spoons and containers. They serve well as open kitchen cabinets. The modish design can make them perfect to be used as poolside mini bar.

With all these merits of the caddies and those of teakwood furniture, one can easily understand that teak corner shower caddy is a good investment. If you are worried about how to clean a teak shower caddy, then relax it’s a simple care routine to be followed periodically and that’s it. So, they are almost maintenance free furniture. For all those looking for best teak shower caddies, TeakCraftUS has an exclusive collection for you. Check out on our site! You can order custom designs by talking to our team. We deliver with manufacturing guarantee and offer good discounts. So, hurry up! Reserve your pieces now!!