Reasons to Choose Teak Countertops for Your Kitchen

Teak butcher block countertop is the best way to decorate your kitchen and bring in a unique sense of ruggedness and style. Wood has always been the best choice for furniture design, even before centuries. Wooden furniture makes its presence felt by its aesthetic appeal, warm presence and definitely the natural color.

Why choose teak countertop with oil finish?

Teak wood has been synonymous to strength, royalty and aesthetics. Choosing teak wood kitchen countertop will add to the glamour of the kitchen. Let us see why teak butcher block countertop is best for any home.

Teak cutting boards are strong!

While other wooden boards look great, teak offers that innate strength to the countertop. As kitchen requires chopping, cutting and other heavy tasks, teak butcher blocks can withstand it all. Moreover, end grain teak butcher blocks would last for years without getting damaged. They have the core strength to bear the heavy blows of the knife.

Handmade teak butcher block countertop are soft on knife!

Normal woods have a tendency to damage the blades of the knife. However, teak countertop with oil finish are soft on the knife blades. Therefore, you don’t need to replace knife frequently. You can enjoy cutting, chopping, mincing and dicing for many years without worrying about knife blades getting blunt.

Teak butcher block countertop are eco-friendly!

Teak wood sourced from commercial plantations, which are legally allowed for use in furniture making and other industry, is a great way to protect the environment. These woods are recyclable which lowers the ecological footprint. This makes it a great option for kitchen countertop which need to last for long.

Teak cutting boards have an aesthetic appeal!

Wood has a natural aesthetic appeal and gives that ethereal look to the entire kitchen. This makes teak countertop best for kitchen of all kinds, traditional or modern. You can give a completely new look and feel to the kitchen by installing a sturdy teak butcher block at the centre. If you want to renovate kitchen and plan for wooden furniture then teak countertop is the best option.

Handmade teak butcher block countertop is affordable!

Whether it is handmade or engineered, teak butcher block countertop is totally affordable. Companies like TeakCraftUS offers teak furniture at cost effective rates and gives other benefits as well. For example, a countertop offered at free shipping, manufacturing guarantee and quick discounts is definitely a pocket friendly option. The price when stretched over the years turns out to be a nominal amount. Hence, teak cutting boards are an easy way to renovate kitchen without worrying about the price.

Teak butcher block for home keeps the kitchen germ free!

The natural oils from teak wood keep the outer layer germ free. Even if the germs enter the cracks they are absorbed and destroyed by the oil present in the teak wood. Teak countertop with oil finish is therefore a hygienic option for the kitchen.   To sum it all up, teak wood is definitely the best for home furniture including kitchen countertop. If you are planning to buy teak butcher block for home then do check out a huge range of these blocks on our website. Order online to leverage some quick discounts!