Different Types and Purpose of Teak Shower Furniture for Homes and Spas

Teak wood is the number one choice of furniture manufacturers as it is the strongest wood ever. The layered patterns, honey brown color, grain density as well as natural oils present in the teak tree makes it the best wood for indoor and outdoor usage. It is one of the topmost woods used for shower areas in homes and spas. Let us glance through some of the most widely used teak shower furniture that adds ambience and usability to the shower space.

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Types of teak shower furniture for homes and spas:

Teak shower benches – Crafted in unusual shapes, the shower benches are definitely of great use. Just keep the bench in the shower area to create a seating space for relaxed shower time. These benches are available in diverse modish shapes that instantly add an appeal in shower area and spa. It is highly useful for either sitting or keeping bathroom accessories.

Teak shower mats – Teak wooden mats have anti-slip action which is a necessity in bathrooms and spas. Just keep these mats around the shower area to make sure that there is no accident after a good spa session or bath. It also serves the purpose of offering a comfortable footing with natural padding action under the feet.

Teak wood towel racks – This is another useful piece of teak shower furniture that helps you organize the bathrooms. When placed in spas, these racks give a tidy look to the entire space. Wet towels can be hanged on the hooks while dry ones can be folded and stored on the racks. It is useful even for small bathrooms or large spas that demand ample storage as well as a classy ambience.

Teak shower bench with shelf – Benches with shelves are again a very useful addition in the bathroom. The top layer of the bench makes way for a comfortable seating while the shelf is used to store bathroom accessories. Basically, it offers multiple purposes and is highly useful for all kinds of bathrooms, big or small. These benches are highly suitable for spas where they need to store plenty of accessory, cosmetics and other stuff.

Corner benches – Sleek teak shower furniture which includes corner side tables or benches is very beneficial for keeping the bathroom organized. First of all, it saves space by fitting in the corner so, suits even small shower areas. Secondly, it can be used alternately for seating as well as storing any kind of accessory. It would be apt to choose teak shower bench with shelf to simplify the space.

Teak corner shelf – Bathroom is almost like a dressing space with plenty of accessories. Corner shelves with or without layers work wonders for keeping small bathroom items like shampoos, luffa sponges, cosmetics, toiletry and more. It is the best piece of furniture for smaller bathrooms, simply because it keeps everything uncluttered. These are some of the most used wooden shower furniture that aids utility in the bathrooms and spas. TeakCraftUS has a wide collection of teakwood bathroom furniture, you can quickly check out and choose. We promise the best quality of teak wood furniture at the best prices! So, don’t miss!!