A concise guide on modern teak wood furniture – Must Know!

Teak wood has been used for making furniture since centuries. Its earliest use is estimated during the middle ages, somewhere around 7th century, where it was used to adorn the homes of wealthy and princely people. Over the time, it gained popularity as a durable hardwood for making ships, boats, indoor and outdoor furniture. It was also very prevalent choice for making homes that last a lifetime. In fact, there are plenty of bridges and palace pillars made of this herculean wood that promises a lifetime of strength and tenacity.

Teak has retained its charm even now as more and more people opt for modern teak wood furniture for the very many benefits that it offers. By weighing the pros and cons of teak outdoor furniture, one can easily gauge the reason for its constant popularity over centuries. Now a days, it is used to design premium furniture for homes, hotels, offices and parks. The wood has certain basic characteristics that make it the number one choice for all kinds of uses.

Benefits of teak wood furniture:

  • It is resistant to water and sun making it perfect as outdoor furniture for all seasons.
  • Does teak wood crack? Well, NO! the natural oils present in this wood prevents cracking. So, the furniture remains without any wear and tear.  
  • Modern teak wood furniture looks suave with the natural honey tone, an ideal choice for contemporary homes.
  • Easy to maintain, teak wood demands gentle washing with soap water and drying in sun.

How to identify teak wood?

It is a little difficult to identify real teak as it comes in many varieties. The best way to identify real teak wood is to check its grain pattern, color, fragrance and do a quick water test.

  • Check the grains – The grains of the teak wood are dense and tightly packed making it quite dense wood. The grain pattern contributes to the robustness of this hardwood. To retain the density, they cut it in length from the same tree so, you will find longer grains with beautiful linear pattern.
  • Look at the color – Color of the teak wood varies with respect to the species of the teak. Normally, it ranges from dark honey brown to yellow tones. It becomes darker with passing years which is another striking feature.
  • Gauge from fragrance – Teak wood smells like leather due to the enormous amounts of natural oils present in it. So, smell it to identify real teakwood. Moreover, it weighs heavier than other woods so, check for the weight.
  • Finally, the water test – Fake teak wood will absorb water while real wood repels it. You can do a small water test, just put small drop of water on the wood and see if gets absorbed or not.

With all these pointers, you can easily identify teakwood. Once that’s done, you can choose teak furniture for indoor and outdoor uses. In fact, modern teak outdoor furniture come in great designs that make the garden and patio attractive in appeal. You can check our collection of contemporary teak furniture and choose for yourself. We promise the best quality teak furniture at high affordable prices!