Why Teak Wood Shower Mat is Best for Bathrooms? – Find Here!

Teak wood shower mat is a stunning accessory for any bathroom! Well, this is the first reason you must buy shower mat made of teakwood, without a second thought. If décor is on your mind then teak does not disappoint at all. Teak wood looks suave, ethereal and works like magic when you want to add poetic pleasure in the bathroom. It retains wonderful earthy texture for years, which makes it an ideal investment for the shower area.

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Apart from the looks, large teak shower mat can save you from bathroom accidents. By giving a firm grip to the wet feet, teak wood works as an anti-slip agent for all kinds of floor. This makes it an essential piece to keep in bathrooms. It prevents accidents and damage, which is the biggest plus point. If there are elders in the house, teakwood shower mat is a must to keep them safe after shower.

Another important consideration to invest in best teak shower mat is the durability of the wood. Teak is a dense wood which lasts for decades, in fact, centuries. This tenacity is worth investing in as it gives total value for money for years at length. You will not need to buy bathroom mats on frequent intervals as teak will be there, steady and sturdy for you. The benefit of having teak is that natural oils present in this wood repels moisture as well as keeps molds away.

Teak wood shower mat is quite easy to maintain. It just needs simple wash with soap water and air drying. You can apply teak wood oils available in the market to increase its lifespan. This is the basic maintenance routine that should be followed at regular intervals, twice a year to be precise and the shower mat will be good to go. The last but not the least is that now teak wood shower mats are available on online stores. You can customize the design, choose the size as per the shower area and get the desired mat delivered at your doorstep. TeakCraftUS offers a wide range of teak shower mats, you can check our collection here! We are happy to custom make it for you, just come up with your requirements and we will get things done.