Tips to Choose Teak Shower Mat for Accident-Free Bathrooms

Teak shower mat are considered number one to prevent accidents in the bathroom. The wooden mat gives proper grip to avoid slipping and falling on the floor. Moreover, the top of the mat does not form any slippery surface which makes it safe for the family. It is harmless for all, whether you have young kids, elderly people or people of diverse age group living under one roof.

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Reasons to choose large teak shower mat:

Covers the floor area!

Well, when you choose a teak shower mat of enough size, it gives additional safety by covering a large part of the floor. So, whenever anyone step out of the shower they end up on the teak mat, which prevents slipups or fall. Therefore, if you have a big bathroom, it is advisable to buy large teak shower mat.

Choose wooden shower mat with rubber grips!

There are a variety of teak shower mats but the one with rubber grips on the rear side are the best. The rubber sticks to the ground which keeps the mat immobile. As the mat does not shift, chances of accidents become very low. So, prefer wood over other materials. Teak is the best wood for wet surfaces which makes it an ideal choice for bathroom accessories and mats.

Select large teak shower mat that is washable!

This is very important to say no to accidents. If you can wash the dirt over the surface of the mat, you also clean up any sloppy layer over it. Teak shower mat naturally has the characteristic of repelling dewy surface. This makes them a perfect choice for bathrooms, swimming pools and outdoor showers. You can wash them with simple teak furniture care steps and things are good to go for years to come.

Teak shower mat lasts for years!

This is a well-known fact but the point here is that they stay the same for decades and centuries. With simple care steps, you can keep the shower mat up and running without any hassles. If you are planning to buy wooden shower mat then go for teak wood shower mats as they are value for money and completely trustable for accident-free bathrooms.

Large wooden shower mat give cushion to feet!

Even when it is made from hardwood like teak, the wooden shower mats are smooth on the feet. They do not cause heat in the feet like plastic mats as well as give a soft cushiony effect to the wet legs. The comfort reduces the hurry to move out of the bathroom and again narrows down chances of accidents.

Where to buy best teak shower mat?

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