Teakwood Furniture – All You Need to Know about this Majestic Wood

Considered as an expensive wood, Teak has been historically used for wide range of furniture manufacturing. With an aristocratic look and feel, handcrafted teak wood furniture enhances the ambience of any place, be it home, offices or public places. The teak tree is a native of South East Asia with predominance in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand. Teak tree takes around 40 to 80 years to mature and can grow up to 130 feet in height.

The outer layer is called sapwood, which contains higher moisture than the inner layer called heartwood. The inner layer is used to manufacture furniture as it is hard with little or no moisture content. This layer is honey brown in color and is favorite choice for contemporary teak wood furniture. Due to its ruggedness, this layer is best suited to make teak furniture that repels water and stays strong for nearly 70 years.

The best part about teak tree is that it retains its natural oils even when cut from the roots. The grain structure of teak makes it retain its natural oils and makes it an excellent material to use for all seasons. In addition, this wood does not crack or warp making it highly durable. Teakwood resists all kinds of pests, insects and weathering due to seasonal changes. This makes it highly popular wood for crafting outdoor furniture.

With all this working as a merit, teakwood is used exceptionally for décor especially when the goal is to create majestic ambience. Due to its tenacity and luxurious appeal, it is used for furniture in ships and aircrafts. In fact, giant ships like Titanic had furniture made of teakwood. This shows how teak is being used for expensive furniture since centuries. Teak has myriads of uses and its increasing demand makes it vulnerable for deforestation. To combat this, countries in south Asia are taking measures to create recyclable teakwood. They plant teak trees especially for commercial and industrial use to make sure that people get sustainable teakwood furniture for all their requirements. TeakCraftUS offers eco-friendly teakwood furniture that will blow your mind. Check out our range to get the best teak furniture for you.