Teak Shower Mats for Bathrooms: How to Choose the Best One

There have been innumerable experiences of accidents in the bathroom. The watery surface creates a conducive environment for slipping and skidding on the floor. To prevent such unwelcome situations, one can opt for the best teak shower mats. Teakwood has multiple properties that make it ideal to fit in bathrooms. Let us check how teak wood bath mats help create a safer space in the bathroom.

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Reasons to choose non slip solid teak shower mat:

Cloth mats have a tendency to slip!

Bathroom mats made out of cloth like turkey towels give a soft, cushiony feel to the feet but, they do not stick well on the floor. These mats may skid when you move quickly especially with wet feet and may result in slipping or falling on the floor. To avoid such accidents, choose best teak shower mats that keep the floor dry and tidy.

Teak wood bath mat keeps things organized!

Whether it is handcrafted teak shower mat or an engineered bath mat, wooden mats work well in keeping the floor clean and tidy. With these mats covering the floor, things look well-arranged even in the shower area. Large teak shower mats create beautiful ambience in the bathroom as well as give way to appealing floors.

Rubber mats tend to get dirty and slippery!

Other materials like rubber have low shelf life as well as get dirty easily. In rubber mats, the upper surface becomes slippery quite easily which again is a cause for accidents. For this reason, non-slip solid teak shower mat is best for building safe shower areas.

Choose the best teak shower mats for durability!

Wooden mats tend to rot in the long run but, teak wood bath mat is an exception. The oils present in the teakwood create a repelling effect for water. The oil coating on the outer surface protects the wood underneath it and therefore, teak wood shower mats would last much longer than other wooden mats. Teak is used best when you want durability and long-lasting shower mats.

For maintaining hygiene in the bathroom!

Best teak shower mats have the property to absorb bacteria from the outer surface and destroy them through the natural oils present in the wood. In addition, teakwood keeps away fungus from the top surface of the bathmat. This innate property of teak works well in generating a hygienic environment in the shower space.

For all these reasons and more, one should choose best teak shower mats for their homes, spas, swimming pools and outdoor shower areas. In addition, these mats are quite affordable especially when you buy them from original manufacturers and warehouse owners like TeakCraftUS. We offer an exclusive range of teak wood bath mats on our website from where you can easily order products online. We offer free shipping on most of our products and even give good discounts in the festive season. So, if you want to buy robust, visually stunning, handcrafted teak shower mat offered with complete manufacturing guarantee then rush to our website, check our collection and order now!