How to Use Teak Shower Bench to Create Luxurious Bathroom?

Teak shower bench is a sign of luxury as this kind of bathroom furniture looks regal and durable. They create a posh space that reflects affluence even without any additional décor. If you are into bathroom décor and lavish spaces, then these are perfect for your bathroom. Let us check how these wooden shower benches give best looking bathrooms.

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Where to Put a Waterproof Teak Shower Bench?

Near the shower sprayer in a spa!

Teak shower bench for spa should be kept at a considerable distance from the steam sprayer. Precaution should be taken by all those who are fond of steam showers and want to get a spa like experience. This could be a thick teak board fixed on the wall or a moveable teakwood shower stool. Just make sure that the steam is not too hot when you are around. Your shower area can get a rich appearance by adding a classy teakwood piece on the wall.

At a corner in a small bathroom!

If you have a small bathroom then it is advisable to buy a teak shower bench that fits easily in the corner. Small, lightweight, arched benches are best to keep tiny shower spaces clean and organized. They can be easily moved into the centre of the bathroom while taking bath and placed back at the corners. Basically, corner teak shower benches are quite handy to generate a deluxe ambience even in small bathrooms.

On the wall adjacent to the shower!

When you want to create a wall mounted bench, it is recommended to install in on the wall that is adjacent to the shower wall. Choose a robust, hefty bench that gives comfortable seat as well as create a modern, wealthy look. You can either cover the whole wall if it’s a small one or, go for a large sized teak shower bench that is fit for all sized people.

Place at the centre of one wall for a royal look!

If you have an antique waterproof teak shower bench, then keep it at a place where it is noticeable within the bathroom. Normally, it is the space under the mirror or at the centre of an accented wall. The intricate design of the wooden shower bench will allure the onlooker. It will simply add the much needed glamor, class and elegance into the shower room. So, it’s important where you keep bathroom furniture.

Having said that, a teak shower bench is always a delight to the eye, be it modern or traditional. It depends on the kind of the bathroom, the overall theme, the amount of space available and usability of the furniture. If you are looking for an exquisite range of the most good-looking teak shower benches, then TeakCraftUS is the destination for you. We have some stunning pieces which will steal the show. We offer eco-friendly teak furniture with no compromise on quality. Most importantly, we give discounts on online orders. So, what makes you wait? Just check the site and order now!!