How to Clean a Teak Shower Mat?

If you are wondering how to clean teak shower mat then you are at the right place. We will give you complete insight on maintaining teak wood bathroom furniture to keep it strong, good-looking and sturdy in the long run. Read on to find stepwise details on teak furniture care and maintenance.

First of all, teak shower mat has humongous utility and appeal which makes it ideal for all kinds of shower spaces. Whether you have an outdoor shower area or an indoor bathroom, these mats will create an anti-skid floor and give comfort to the feet. Preserving these mats is easy provided you do the needful on a regular basis.

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Tips for cleaning a teak shower mat:

Does teak mold in shower? Yes, as bathrooms tend to have more wet areas, there are chances of fungal formation on teak shower benches and mats. To avoid any damage due to wet surfaces, one must clean and oil teak mats regularly. How to do it? Read the following for a step-by-step answer.

Buy a non-toxic teak cleaner:

Firstly, it is important to choose a good teak cleaner. Prefer a cleaner made up of natural ingredients rather than chemical compounds as they may prove harsh on the wood and damage the top layer of the non-slip teak wood shower mat. A simple formula for home-made teak cleaner is to mix half cup vinegar with half cup water and some detergent soap.

Apply cleaner on the teak shower mat:

Paste a gentle coating of the home-made cleaner on the teak wood shower floor mat. Keep it for sometime so that the soap molecules can act on the germs and bacteria.

Scrub the germs off:

Choose a scrubber or brush with soft bristles to prevent scratches on the top layer. Now, gently rub it on the mat to scrap off mold, wet patches and bacteria. Make sure that you do it with a light hand otherwise, the polish of teak wood will get destroyed.

Rinse and dry:

After scrubbing, take good quantity of water and rinse off the soap and dirt particles. If you want to know how to clean teak shower mat then the simplest step is this one. You can do this daily also, simply rinse off any soap deposits or dirt on the mat. Then allow it to dry in the sun, completely.

Sealing teak shower mat:

Once the mat is dry to the core, apply a thin layer of the teak oil on the entire surface. Oil will nourish the wood and prevent formation of mold over the surface. It gives added protection to the underlying wood and even adds robustness by filling the cracks and veins.

To sum up, if you want to know how to clean teak shower mat then this guide is of definite help. You can choose a cleaner and teak oil of your choice but following the above step is the best way to maintain non-slip teak wood shower mat, of any kind. If you are looking for the best teak shower mats then TeakCraftUS offers an exceptional range. Check our website to get the best designs at affordable prices. We offer free shipping and manufacturing guarantee on most products. So, do check-in and buy the best teak furniture!