How Teak Corner Shower Bench Is the Best Addition in the House?

Teak corner shower bench is one of the best additions to the house. It not only works efficiently as a bathroom seat, but doubles up as an excellent living room furniture. When decked up in a corner, it fills up that space by being a beautiful piece of furniture. Most importantly, it never compromises on the utility element as one can sit over it or place décor items like flower vase over it.

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Top Five Reasons to choose teak corner bench for home:

Multipurpose piece of furniture!

Teakwood has been one of the finest woods of all times. It has been crafted into different kinds of furniture, predominantly those that demand durability and sustenance. Teak corner shower bench has multi utility as it can work well as living room furniture, kitchen corner bench as well as shower furniture. So, it is one-time investment that suffices many functionalities in one go.

Teak corner shower stool is best for indoor shower!

Wooden furniture is the one of the finest ways to decorate indoors. When you want to create an awesome looking bathroom, go with teak corner bench. It would not only suffice the utility purpose of seating shower, but ensure that the bathroom looks stunning. After use, just rest the teak corner shower stool in a side section to create more space in the shower area. In this way, these stools are best for both, small and big bathrooms.

Goes well with furniture near the swimming pool!

If you have an outdoor shower or swimming pool in the house, then teak corner shower bench will blend there as well. Club it with your swimming pool bar furniture and it will create a dashing appearance. Most importantly, as teak repels water, it would not give rise to molds or cracks in the furniture. Teak also makes way for the best piece of wooden shower stool for outdoors. Apart from turning gray, it would not lose its durability, shine or strength.

Highly low on maintenance

Shower furniture is bound to need regular cleaning and frequent maintenance. However, teak shower corner bench is an exception because it is made of the best wood of all times. Teak does not need regular cleaning, in fact, it is the most hygienic wood as natural teak oils present in the wood kills the bacteria on the top layer. This way, teak does not need to be washed repeatedly even for the purpose of sanitization. One cycle of soap wash, rinsing, drying and oiling in few months is enough.

Even the best teak corner shower bench is affordable!

Budget constraints stop us from bringing anything new in the home. While teakwood is touted as expensive, it is not the case anymore. As teak is farmed for commercial purposes, it is not acquired illegally from deforestation, it does not bear the whopping price tag. Therefore, present day teak furniture is affordable to the core. So, if you are planning to buy a teak corner bench then it is totally a cost effective bet. With all these merits at its side, a teak corner shower stool gets high votes as one of the best additions in the bathroom and even home. TeakCraftUS is the answer for finely crafted teak furniture with manufacturing guarantee. Check out our collection of the best teak corner shower bench and you will find stunning pieces laid just for you. Check on our website and order online to get the bench delivered at your home for free. So, don’t miss the chance!