How Non Slip Teak Shower Mats Are Best for Bathrooms?

Non slip teak shower mats are one of the finest investments, especially if you are revamping the bathroom or even building a new one. Interior decorators recommend these mats to their customers who love wooden furniture. The idea is to create warm, natural-looking shower areas with a little heart for sustainability. Teak is one of the best woods on the planet and when crafted into wooden shower mats, it delivers the benefits of a non-slip character, durability, visual appeal, elegance and complete value for money.

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Reasons to use teak shower mats for bathroom:

Non slip nature prevents accidents!

Well, the obvious reason for extensive use of teakwood for bathroom furniture is the non-slip character of it. Teak bath mats offer strong yet cushion like surface to the feet. They are best to step on after a shower. As teak resists formation of molds, the top surface proves highly safe. This prevents any chances of accidents and saves every family member from any damage. Therefore, non-slip teak shower mats are best for every family including those with elderly members.

Wooden shower mats have anti-skid effect!

Another major reason to choose teak shower mats for bathroom is that they have anti-skid effect. When padded with rubber grippers, the mats stick to the floor and does not move an inch. When you step on a wooden mat that is nicely glued to the floor, you have rare chance of falling. Again, a reason to save yourself and family members from common accidents in the bathroom. This is a big reason why people rely on teak bath mats over rubber mats.

Teak mats are most hygienic bath mats!

These mats offer absolute drainage of water through efficient design. As water drains out it makes way for quick drying of the top surface. Moreover, teak prevents formation of molds and the natural teak oil present in the wood destroys germs and bacteria. This makes teak a truly hygienic wood. When you use teak shower mats, you invest in high levels of sanitation in the shower space.

Easier to clean and maintain!

Non slip teak shower mats are as easy to clean as any other teak furniture. Just soap rinse, wash, sun dry and oil them every once in a while. It could be 3 to 6 months, depending on the condition and usage of the mat. Find stepwise teak furniture care routine, which can be followed for maintaining teak bath mats. They are actually very easy to maintain so investing in them is about paying for convenience.

Best for internal and external shower spaces!

Most wooden shower mats are easy to carry and shift from one place to another. So, a single mat can be used for indoor and outdoor shower. Whenever, you plan to use outdoor shower, just lift the mat and place it on the outdoor bath area. So, a single investment gives multiple returns. Therefore, non-slip teak shower mats are a beneficial purchase, for more than one reason. You can use a single mat at multiple occasions and places, be it indoors, outdoors and even around swimming pool.

In a nutshell, teakwood is the best bath mat material especially in wooden furniture category. It serves the purpose of safety, décor, sustainability, utility and style, in one shot. If you want to check out the best range of non-slip teak shower mats, TeakCraftUS is the place. We offer eco-friendly teakwood furniture for all kinds of homes and spaces. Whether you have a small bathroom or large shower, we have a mat ready for you. We also deliver custom teak furniture and offer free shipping. Just go through our collection to order your favorite piece now!!