Five Teak Shower Caddy Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

Teak shower caddy is a piece of bathroom furniture that keeps it not only organized, but makes it spacious. We will discuss how these often small pieces of furniture actually maximize the space inside the bathroom. In addition, they also offer the appeal of the teakwood to even the simplest looking shower area. Basically, they keep the untidy zones away from the bathroom.

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Five ways to use teak shower caddy for storing vanity:

Wall mounted teak shower shelves save floor space!

When you can utilize the vertical space in the bathroom, you actually free-up the floor space. If you have a smaller shower area, it’s the best to buy a stylish shower caddy or a set of wall shelves. They pretty manage the endless task of organizing bathroom essentials without taking extra space.

Fix wall mounted teak shower caddy above the basin!

If you align a stylish shower caddy above the basin area, then it becomes perfect for utility and vanity. It can store the dental kit, the extra shampoos, creams and items required before and after face wash. A big sized caddy can store towels etc. as well. So, use the space over the basin.

Cover the space underneath the basin with a teak shower caddy!

When you place a wooden caddy underneath the wash basin, you actually make that area more functional. It can store all the extra things apart from the regular daily use toiletries. As teakwood is water resistant, you don’t need to worry about splashes of water from the basin. It minimizes wastage of space and proves a perfect setup for small bathrooms.

Arrange teak shower shelves to create an artistic storage area!

For a dramatic look and feel, arrange the wooden shelves in unique patterns to generate the aesthetic charm. It will compartmentalize the wall area in a pretty picturesque manner. Use your creativity to generate a space-saving bathroom storage with shelves. You will actually love installing them as well. This could be your next, easy DIY project!!

Hanging shower caddy in the shower cubicle!

Installing a teak shower caddy inside the shower cubicle is an excellent idea! By this, you not only save the space outside the cubicle, but also keep essentials like shower gels, luffa, shampoos, etc. quite handy. Teak being water repellant makes way for a long lasting furniture.

Which is the best place to buy teak shower furniture?

TeakCraftUS has a warehouse and a website full of premium grade teak wood products. Whether you want space saving bathroom storage furniture, indoor teak products or outdoor teak furniture, we have it all. If you are looking for custom teak shower caddies, then we also offer handcrafted pieces specifically designed as per the dimensions. Just contact our customer service team to get things ready for you!