Different Types of Teak Shower Caddies and Their Benefits

Teak shower caddy is a common choice of people who like wooden bathroom furniture. Teak imparts a certain character to the shower area as well as offer the strength that lasts decades. Even when placed in a humid room like bathroom, teakwood remains free from molds and germs. There are many types of teak bath caddies, each type with its own merits. Let us glance through a few of them and their best uses.

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Types and Uses of Standing Teak Shower Caddy:

Wall mounted caddy saves space!

When you put toiletries and bathroom essentials on a wall mounted caddy, it saves the floor space. You utilize the vertical space of the wall and keep the floor clutter-free. This kind of teak bath caddy is best for small bathrooms. If you are single or a couple, this caddy will prove useful and keeps the space organized. Wall mounted teak caddies work wonders for keeping a tidy bathroom area. Moreover, their elegant design creates beautiful ambience.

Corner teak shower caddy fills bathroom edges with cuteness!

Another way of decorating and utilizing the bath space is to install wooden shower caddies in the corners. A nicely crafted caddy with shelves will store a lot of bathroom necessities and create a cute corner as well. A handcrafted teak shower caddy with detailed, intricate design will pave way to an appealing corner in the bathroom. It will suffice vanity and utility in one shot. It is again most suitable furniture for small bathrooms.

On-the-floor teak bath caddy offers mystic charm!

Shower caddies with a ladder like structure are placed on the floor. They are best suited for comparatively bigger bathrooms. Even go well with medium sized shower areas where things are stored elegantly on the caddy. You get tidier bathroom by placing towel rolls, bathroom essentials or other things on this furniture. Such a standing teak shower caddy especially with its honey-gold color, creates mesmerizing aura and adds a certain mysticism in the space.

With these merits and the charm of teak on its side, well-crafted teak shower caddy is the best way to create a clean, organized and attractive bathroom. If you want to buy teak bath caddy for your bathroom, then do check our products on the site. You can even order a customized piece that fits into the dimensions of your bathroom. TeakCraftUS offers all products with manufacturing guarantee and freely ships them to most places. Check out our range of exclusive standing teak shower caddies and order now!