5 Things You Should Know About Extra Large Teak Shower Mat

If you love the feeling of owning an extra-large teak shower mat then you must go for it in this new year. The sheer reason for choosing large sized wooden shower mat is that it has the power to transform the bathroom.

A huge, well-designed mat can add more rustic, natural and royal appeal to the shower area. Apart from the ambience part, there are very many benefits of choosing the best teak shower mat which covers more shower space.

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Reasons to choose large wooden shower mat made from teak:

Useful for bathrooms, swimming area and steam rooms

Wooden mats have a universal appeal as they enhance any place they behold. Whether you place them in bathrooms, swimming pool side places, steam rooms or outdoor showers, they just accentuate the space.

Get them designed for you from a reliable manufacturer as custom teak shower mat guarantee good looks, durability and value for money for indoor and outdoor shower areas. They give excellent grip which makes them suitable for all kinds of showers.

Gives aesthetic appeal to the bathroom floor!

If you want to add a natural touch to your bathroom or outdoor shower then extra-large teak shower mat is highly useful. By occupying a big chunk of the floor, the mat creates a nice pattern on the floor. The bathroom floor will get a uniform and cleaner look. For bathrooms with wooden furniture, a teak mat is a perfect fit in terms of aesthetics and ambience.

Prevents accidents – best teak shower mat for inside shower!

Large wooden shower mat covers more floor area. Most mats come equipped with in-built rubber grips. As teak wood gives a good grip, the mat prevents chances of accidents due to slippery floor. Therefore, teak shower mat for inside shower is the number one choice for families with kids as well as homes with senior citizens.

Demands no extra care

One of the reasons for choosing best teak shower mat is that it does not demand extra maintenance. Simple washing, drying and occasional oiling routine will do wonders in maintaining the durability of the mat.

If you are concerned about teak furniture care then scrub it off your shoulders as teak mats are an exception. Even the busiest souls on the planet can afford to maintain an extra-large teak shower mat.

Complete value for money!

Besides the very many benefits of the best teak shower mat, the large size adds more surface area as well as more protection to the bathroom floor. Furthermore, teak wood gives comfort to the feet without being harsh on them.

When all these benefits are compared with the price, which is stretched across the lifespan of the mat, we find that the large wood shower mat is an affordable option than smaller mats.

With all these benefits on its stride, an extra-large teak shower mat is the ideal choice for any home which has a sizeable bathroom or swimming pool or outdoor shower. Moreover, if you want to customize a teak shower mat for inside shower then TeakCraftUS can easily do that for you. We also offer manufacturing guarantee and free shipping. For the best teak shower mat collection, check out our website. We have an exclusive range with affordable price tag. Order now to get new year discounts!