Tips to Choose Best Teak Wood Cutting Board for Restaurants

Teak wood cutting board could be the best kitchen tool for restaurants. Being the most revered wooden material for chopping boards, teak cutting boards are a favorite amongst hotels and restaurants with large kitchens. These boards deck up the kitchen countertops with their big size as well as work wonders for chopping all kinds and quantities of veggies and meat. Let us check some tips to buy teak cutting board for hotels.

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How to buy teak cutting board for restaurants?

Check on the size – Well, if you have a small restaurant or big hotel, your kitchen needs to be equipped with good tools including modern cutting board. A big sized wooden chopping board works well for restaurants as the large size offers a big surface area for high volume of chopping needs. The board will occupy a considerable margin of countertop to help chefs manage huge qualities of chopping. So, the first thing to consider when you want to buy teak cutting board is the size of the wooden board. Choose as per your kitchen and the traffic of the customers.

Check on the juice groove – Whether vegan, vegetarian or non-veg restaurant, juice grooves help a big deal to maintain hygiene. By dropping blood and vegetable juices, the teak wood cutting board with groove keeps your hotel kitchen clean. A tidy kitchen is a customer’s delight and a chef’s virtue. Therefore, go for a modern cutting board with juice groove, it will be the best decision.  

Choose a reversible board – Go for contemporary teak cutting board that is reversible, which means you can use it on both sides. There would be times when your hotel would be flooded with customers and your kitchen staff may not get time to clean up things. At these times, reversible teak wood chopping boards are a boon. Make use of the other side when you are in time crunch so that you can manage quick chopping during time crunch situations.

Teak cutting board care – When you buy teak cutting board, you are relieved of the extra care and cleaning. These hardwood boards are quite easy to maintain as they just need a soap water rub, normal water rinse and air drying. This will help hoteliers and restaurant kitchen staff to keep the kitchen tidy. Just do regular cleaning and periodic oiling of the teak chopping board and you are good to go.

Teak grains are good for knives – End grain teak cutting boards are quite popular for restaurants kitchens. These are boards with medium hardness which makes them best for heavy blows of big kitchen knives. In addition, they prove softer for the edges of the knives and keeps them sharp for long time. So, choose teak wood board with end grains. Moreover, teak wood cutting board will last for decades at length in your restaurant kitchen. You will be surprised with its durability and quality. It would be an asset for the hotel kitchen. If you are looking for the best collection of teak wood cutting board then check out our website. We offer the finest modern cutting board with or without juice canal. Have a look at our teak cutting board collection and make a truly affordable purchase.